by Svami Sivananda

O Brother, attain good health.

Without health how can you live?

Without health how can you earn?

Without health how can you succeed?

Process the health through Hatha,

Unite the Ha with Tha,

Unite the moon with the sun,

Unite the Prana with Apana,

Drink the nectar at Sahasrara,

And live in the Immortal abode.

Hatha yoga and Raja Yoga are inseparable,

Where Hatha ends Raja Yoga begins.

Hatha Yoga Prepare you

For Nirvikalpa Samadhi

No Hatha Yoga, no success,

No Hatha Yoga, no Samadhi.

No Hatha Yoga, no health.

No Hatha Yoga, no Veerya.

No Hatha Yoga, no beauty.

No Hatha Yoga, no long life.

Salute Ganapathi before you begin.

Practice Sirsha, the King of Asanas and remove all diseases.

Develop thyroid through Sarvanggasana

And Digest food through Paschimottanasana.

Mayurāsana can digest even poison.

Ardha Matsyendrāsana can make the spine elastic.

Bhujanggāsana, Salabhāsana and Dhanurasana can give you a good motion and eradicate constipation.

Preserve Veerya through Sirsha-Sarvanggāsana and avoid wet-dreams.

Relax the muscles in Savāsana.

Combine forward backward bending exercises

Never neglect the spinal twist.

If you wish all-round development.

The fat in the belly the Paschimottanāsana reduces.

The spine the Hala makes supple and elastic.

Drowsiness the Vajra surely will drive.

The effect of Sarvanggāsana the Matsya will add.

Pranayam removes all diseases

And the gastric fire it increases.

A little Khumbhaka will give you longevity

Strength, vigour, vim, vitality

And awaken Kundalini in Muladhara

Sitali can cool your brain and body

And purify the blood.

Bhastrika will remove asthma and consumption.

Bandha Traya can make you beautiful.

Suitable is morning for the practice.

Do asanas to begin with and then Pranayama.

Spend fifteen minutes a day for practice of Asanas and Pranayama. This will suffice to keep you healthy.

Be regular in your practice.

Drink a little milk in the end.

Wait for one hour for bath.

Be moderate in eating and sleeping.

Hot curries, onions, and garlic abandon,

With empty stomach practice Yogi Exercises


Diterbitkan oleh Ni Made Adnyani

Aku suka Menulis, aktifitas Mengajar dan Yoga

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